Diamond Pipeline LLC is committed to designing, constructing, operating and maintaining this pipeline in a safe and reliable manner. It includes important safety elements that will meet or exceed minimum safety, design, construction and operating standards:

  • A route developed to minimize the collective impact to the environment, landowners and the public during construction, and reduce potential incidents during operation
  • New pipe manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards and specifications
  • An x-ray examination of all welds during construction of the pipeline to verify integrity prior to placing the pipeline in-service
  • Increased depth of cover to reduce susceptibility to third-party damage
  • Internal and external integrity assessments prior to and after placing the pipeline in service
  • A robust cathodic protection system to guard against corrosion and help ensure the ongoing integrity of the pipeline
  • Weekly aerial surveillance of the line to look for potential risks to the pipeline
  • Participation in the Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee 811 programs to ensure local residents and contractors can notify the pipeline owner in the event of digging or construction along the path of the pipeline
  • 24/7 remote monitoring by Plains All American Pipeline personnel and real-time leak detection technologies to quickly identify and address any issues
  • Remotely operated valves throughout the line to expedite isolation of pipeline segments if necessary

Call Before You Dig

One of the leading causes of damage to buried pipelines is the failure to call 811 prior to beginning excavation activity and obtaining the exact location of buried lines. Third party damage to pipelines, such as scratches, gouges, creases or dents may cause a leak.

Before excavation, state law requires contacting the local One Call Center. Simply dial 811.  Pipeline operators will mark the location of their lines at no cost to the caller.

Excavation activities as simple as planting a tree, landscaping, building a fence, installing a swimming pool or replacing a mailbox require a call to 811.